What is a Virtual Photo Booth?

The Virtual Photo Booth is a perfect way to bring the photo booth fun to your virtual, Zoom party or guest that can’t be at your physical event, while having your branded content to share on social media.

With Virtual Photo Booth no software or app is needed. requires only a cell phone or computer with a camera. After taking their picture with the respective device, a guest will receive an edited copy of their Selfie accompanied by your logo, branded border, or custom background.

The photo can be posted on social media and after the event, you will receive a link with all the images taken.

That way, no one needs to feel left out!

How does it work?

Our Virtual Photo Booth can be delivered in 2 ways. The first is through a branded web platform using a QR Code or hyperlink. This is ideal if you need to embed the experience within a online platform. If you don’t, then we encourage you to utilize our second method, which is through a SMS link or Email. It will be easier for people to use.

Step 1: We create a Virtual Photo Booth link that your guests can clink on and upload a picture or take a selfie from their cell phone. Within minutes, they’ll receive back an edited copy of their image.

Step 2: We incorporate your branded overlay and background option into our system. This is customized with your approved graphics, logo and text.


Perfect for Weddings

Just because all your guests couldn’t make it to your event in person doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate with you.
Captures from our in-person photo booth merge with the captures from our Virtual Booth in your own online Live Gallery (aka. Virtual Guest Book)

That way, no one needs to feel left out!

Create Memories Virtually

The Virtual Booth allows you to:

  • Add an overlay that matches your wedding to all the images to celebrate your day!
  • Create custom emails thanking your guests for being there.
  • Create a virtual guest book with our Live Gallery that you can look back at for years

Gather, Engage and Socialize

No matter if you are having a Corporate event, family or birthday gathering or a special event with friends and family from all over the world, the Virtual Photo Booth is the right party starter for your virtual social gathering.